Haavard Rue at UPC

The statistics seminar at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya will host Haavard Rue, who will talk about “Penalising model component complexity: A principled practical approach to constructing priors”. The talk will be on Wednesday,  March 22 at 2pm. For directions see here.

Professor Rue’s research interests lie in computational Bayesian statistics and Bayesian methodology such as priors, sensitivity and robustness. His main body of research is built around the R-INLA project (www.r-inla.org), which aims to provide a practical tool for approximate Bayesian analysis of latent Gaussian models, often at extreme data scales.

A new journal “Mathematical Statistics and Learning”

A new journal, Mathematical Statistics and Learning, published by the European Mathematical Society has just been launched. The journal is devoted to research articles of the highest quality in all aspects of Mathematical Statistics and Learning, including those studied in traditional areas of Statistics and in Machine Learning as well as in Theoretical Computer Science and Signal Processing.

Editors: Luc Devroye (McGill), Gabor Lugosi (UPF), Shahar Mendelson (Technion and ANU), Elchanan Mossel (MIT), Mike Steele (U. Pennsylvania), Alexandre Tsybakov (ENSAE), Roman Vershynin (U. Michigan).

Associate Editors: Sebastien Bubeck (Microsoft Research), Andrea Montanari (Stanford), Jelani Nelson (Harvard), Philippe Rigollet (MIT), Sara van de Geer (ETH – Zurich), Ramon van Handel (Princeton), Rachel Ward (UT – Austin).

Wilfrid Kendall on MCMC Optimal Scaling

In the next Statistics and Operation Research Seminar Wilfrid Kendall will talk about “A Dirichlet Form approach to MCMC Optimal Scaling”.

When: Thursday, March 2, at 12:00pm     Where: 24.104.

Wilfrid Kendall is professor of statistics at the University of Warwick. He works mostly in probability theory, with particular interests in: random processes, stochastic geometry, stochastic calculus, computer algebra in statistics and probability, and perfect simulation. He is current Past President of the Bernoulli Society and a very enjoyable speaker.

BGSMath doctoral call 2017-2020

The Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics opens a call for 4 Ph.D. three-year positions in all areas of mathematics and its applications. Successful candidates will have to register at one the Ph.D. programs associated to BGSMath (including our group) and will become part of the research group of the corresponding supervisor. The annual gross salary is 16.400 euros. Medical insurance and tuition fees for the Ph.D. program are included.

Applications must be submitted online before March 13th, 3 p.m., Barcelona time. For more information see here.

ISBA nominates David Rossell for Program Council Chair

David Rossell was recently nominated by International Society for Bayesian Analysis as ISBA program council vice-chair for 2017, chair for 2018, past-chair for 2019. The chair is the main responsible for all ISBA-organized international conferences, including the ISBA World Meeting and the ISBA Section meetings. David is also a member of the ISBA prize committee. This is the committee supervising all ISBA prizes, including the Savage award for the best PhD thesis in Bayesian statistics and the Mitchell prize for a Bayesian analysis of an important applied problem.

Random Discrete Structures and Beyond, 22/5-16/6 in Barcelona

Our group is involved in another Monthly Program, which focuses on Random Discrete Structures. The program will take place from May 22 to June 16 in Barcelona. The aim of the program is to bring together leading researchers in combinatorics, probability theory and computer science in the area of random discrete structures, as well as early stage researchers. For more information see the program’s website.

Philip Dawid on causality

In the next Statistics and Operation Research Seminar Philip Dawid will talk about “From Statistical Evidence to Evidence of Causality”.

When: Thursday, February 16, at 12:00pm     Where: 40.148.

Philip Dawid is Emeritus Professor of Statistics of the University of Cambridge. He was elected a member of the International Statistical Institute in 1978, and a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society in 1993. He was editor of Biometrika from 1992 to 1996 and President of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis in 2000. He is also an elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. He received the 1977 George W. Snedecor Award from the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies. Dawid was awarded the 1978 Guy Medal in Bronze and the 2001 Guy Medal in Silver by the Royal Statistical Society. He has been recently become Honorary Lifetime Member and an Elected Fellow of International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

This talk will be based on a joint paper with Monica Musio and Stephen FienbergFienberg died on 14 December 2016.  This will be by way of a tribute to a giant of the statistical world.

Algebraic and combinatorial phylonogenetics, 29/6-7/7 in Barcelona

Our group is involved with a group from UPC in co-organizing a 3-week long BGSMath research program on Algebraic and Combinatorial Phylogenetics. The program will take place in Barcelona from June 29 to July 7, 2017. The registration will be soon available on the program’s website.

The three weeks are organized as follows:
Week 1: Courses by Mike Steel and Arndt von Haeseler on phylogenetics and combinatorics.
Week 2: Workshop on algebraic and combinatorial phylogenetics.
Week 3: A course by Piotr Zwiernik on latent tree models, and phylogenetics.